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Howdy, Pilgrims!  Put down that thar glass of Milk, and listen to what the Duke has to say:  “Tomorrow is hoping we learned something from Yesterday.”  That is a profound statement, indeed!  So, did I manage to learn ANYTHING from Yesterday?  Well, mostly what I discovered is, just like when a Songwriter has an awesome beat going through his head, and MUST write it down, before it “goes away” forever, I too need to “Run with an Idea” for an Art Boomerang when the “griddle is hot!”  When Sir Gary Broadbent suggested the other day that I might try to make an Art boomerang based on The Duke, I KNEW RIGHT AWAY it was an AWESOME idea….I immediately thought of “True Grit,” and below, is the result…..I didn’t allow my mind to wander on this idea, NO WAY, NO HOW, NO SIR, PILGRIM!10580067_10202835729245625_69281439088936858_n10384471_10202835729485631_6667294885075186141_n1621684_10202835730285651_6348674859124973072_n1393670_10202835730045645_483256790883728322_n

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