Posted: September 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to this blog.  This is chiefly because I didn’t know it still existed!  When the bill came to renew the domain in my own name for it, I neglected to pay it, and thought the blog had completely shut down.  Well, I was wrong!  That was way back in March of this year.  Now, a lot has happened since then, including my winning of two World Titles and One new National Title in Boomerang Decoration, but I have no plans of doing any kind of “catch up” or “Recap” about any part of that.  Instead, let us all simply take a deep breath, and keep gyrating forward, eh?

Under normal circumstances, I won’t do too much artwork on my boomerangs that has existing copyrights, such as Looney Tune characters.  I don’t like it when others copy me, and I totally respect other artists in the same light.  That being said, should I get nudged, (and nudged HARD!), I can occasionally be talked into doing a few famous, copyrighted images.  I don’t promote of list these anywhere for sale, but if someone should contact me privately (My email is:  PAPA1963@SBCGLOBAL.NET) I am usually more than happy to strike a deal to sell them…..Here’s some Looney Tunes booms I made recently, all in the very same day:10703885_10202809381666952_3690394421347368665_n10411168_10202809381986960_1935566140514227205_n10624983_10202809382666977_1643360378345900560_n10647163_10202809382306968_5034640624881170167_n10665851_10202809382906983_3047856547157110255_n10696424_10202809383306993_2950331260107446355_n

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