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Often times,in order to put myself in the “right” state of mind to create a new Art boomerang, I “need” some kind of outside stimuli.  No, I DON’T mean hallucinatory drugs!  I actually mean something like a movie, poster or other visual stimuli.  One movie “The Underworld,” that I watched recently, resulted in a very nice hook style Art boomerang.  The premise of the flick was an on-going war between werewolves and vampires, a rather novel idea, but how would it become a boomerang?  Well, the lead character, a leather-clad, gun-toting female vampire, (I don’t even recall her silly name…it isn’t important anyway!), was just what my mind’s eye needed to get the creative “Art boomeranging Juices” going!  Pictured here, is the resulting hook, now on its way to a customer in France:




As you can see, it’s actually rather simplistic, art-wise….I just did a nice silhouette profile of her, with an “A Rang” type cut-out to make it more interesting to the thrower.  The cut-out actually helps the boomerang reduce drag that would normally been caused, had I left the triangular piece in the elbow.  This reduces the boomerang’s tendency to hover, and keeps the flight very low.  I’m sure my French customer will be thrilled at how low this Werewolf hunting chic can fly!

Now, of course, not every idea I get comes from a movie.  Sometimes, an idea can just seem to rise up out of nowhere!  This next boomerang idea, believe it or not, occurred to me during a church service at First Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor.  My family and I  were there, just like any other normal Sunday, and I was sitting in the pew, kind of daydreaming during the sermon.  Thinking of how the last boomerang dealt with the realm of Darkness, I flipped my thinking to envision what the heavenly counterpart boomerang might look like.  I then arrived at the simplistic subject of doing an Angel.  Of course, I can’t just do any o’ simple angel, it would require something extra….Like two daggers!  This is what resulted from that daydream, and I’m calling this one, “My Guardian Angel:”Image


Of course, this boomerang, as well as many other Art boomerangs, can be found for sale on my website at the following link:  

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