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Tis the Season, the Christmas Season!  That almost always directly coincides with a high number of people purchasing boomerangs for that :”unique gift idea” to place under their Christmas trees.  As far as there being a specific “boomerang season,” however, there’s really no such thing…IT IS ALWAYS BOOMERANG SEASON!….people make and throw boomerangs everyday of the year, every year, everywhere around the world.  I’ve NEVER been halted from production just because of little cold weather, regardless of how cold or nasty it may get…Then again, I’m not some kind of wimpy, whining sissy-man either…..Anybody that says it’s “too cold” to make boomerangs just doesn’t want to make them very much.  Either that, or they may want to consider checking their testosterone level……Here are some pics of what I made just last week, all done is sub-freezing temperatures:


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