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This past couple weeks have been very productive for me, mainly in the area of Art boomerang making.  I’ve had time and materIals on hand, plus, the most important ingredient for success when producing Artwork:  IMAGINATION.  I’ve recently strayed away from selling too many things on Ebay.  You see,  Ebay has this nasty little habit of taking 11% of both the selling price AND the shipping, and it’s really hard to bare that, when they actually do next to nothing to earn it.  Basically, Ebay sales occur ONLY due to its massive traffic, and that is ALL……I simply resent that 11% hit because I think it’s a bit on the high side.  You definitely won’t be seeing too many (if any) of my Art boomerangs for sale there….Ever.  The Art boomerangs in particular represent a considerable amount of work, and  to share the profits with a price-gouging third party is out of the question.

My routine for the last few weeks has been simple:  Do a few boomerangs for the production pages of my catalog each day, (found at BOOMERANGLOVER.COM), and, ,simultaneously, TRY to produce one decent Art boomerang per day.  I’m doing pretty good and performing both tasks now……  The new Art stuff is pictured below.

It’s late October, and things are a bit colder here in Ann Arbor now, mostly every day begins below freezing.  My production work is going to slow way down, but the Art production oughta pick up even more….Lots of time to do detailed work in my nice warm, cozy house, versus freezing my butt off at 20 degrees F in that shop!


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