Howdy, Pilgrims!  Put down that thar glass of Milk, and listen to what the Duke has to say:  “Tomorrow is hoping we learned something from Yesterday.”  That is a profound statement, indeed!  So, did I manage to learn ANYTHING from Yesterday?  Well, mostly what I discovered is, just like when a Songwriter has an awesome beat going through his head, and MUST write it down, before it “goes away” forever, I too need to “Run with an Idea” for an Art Boomerang when the “griddle is hot!”  When Sir Gary Broadbent suggested the other day that I might try to make an Art boomerang based on The Duke, I KNEW RIGHT AWAY it was an AWESOME idea….I immediately thought of “True Grit,” and below, is the result…..I didn’t allow my mind to wander on this idea, NO WAY, NO HOW, NO SIR, PILGRIM!10580067_10202835729245625_69281439088936858_n10384471_10202835729485631_6667294885075186141_n1621684_10202835730285651_6348674859124973072_n1393670_10202835730045645_483256790883728322_n

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to this blog.  This is chiefly because I didn’t know it still existed!  When the bill came to renew the domain in my own name for it, I neglected to pay it, and thought the blog had completely shut down.  Well, I was wrong!  That was way back in March of this year.  Now, a lot has happened since then, including my winning of two World Titles and One new National Title in Boomerang Decoration, but I have no plans of doing any kind of “catch up” or “Recap” about any part of that.  Instead, let us all simply take a deep breath, and keep gyrating forward, eh?

Under normal circumstances, I won’t do too much artwork on my boomerangs that has existing copyrights, such as Looney Tune characters.  I don’t like it when others copy me, and I totally respect other artists in the same light.  That being said, should I get nudged, (and nudged HARD!), I can occasionally be talked into doing a few famous, copyrighted images.  I don’t promote of list these anywhere for sale, but if someone should contact me privately (My email is:  PAPA1963@SBCGLOBAL.NET) I am usually more than happy to strike a deal to sell them…..Here’s some Looney Tunes booms I made recently, all in the very same day:10703885_10202809381666952_3690394421347368665_n10411168_10202809381986960_1935566140514227205_n10624983_10202809382666977_1643360378345900560_n10647163_10202809382306968_5034640624881170167_n10665851_10202809382906983_3047856547157110255_n10696424_10202809383306993_2950331260107446355_n







This year’s WBC in Perth, Australia (which runs from April 12th through the 23rd), will also have an Aesthetics Contest element to it, along with the boomerang throwing events. Being that it’s 8,000 miles away, and I am NOT attending, I needed to request the help of two USA attendees to transport my entries to the Aesthetics Contest. These great guys, (whom I can’t thank enough!), are David Hirsch of Texas, and Dan Bower of Washington state. With the airline restrictions on luggage size and weight, my entries had to be limited to 4 boomerangs, but that seems like plenty already I think. Here are pics of what I’m sending…..WISH ME LUCK!









Often times,in order to put myself in the “right” state of mind to create a new Art boomerang, I “need” some kind of outside stimuli.  No, I DON’T mean hallucinatory drugs!  I actually mean something like a movie, poster or other visual stimuli.  One movie “The Underworld,” that I watched recently, resulted in a very nice hook style Art boomerang.  The premise of the flick was an on-going war between werewolves and vampires, a rather novel idea, but how would it become a boomerang?  Well, the lead character, a leather-clad, gun-toting female vampire, (I don’t even recall her silly name…it isn’t important anyway!), was just what my mind’s eye needed to get the creative “Art boomeranging Juices” going!  Pictured here, is the resulting hook, now on its way to a customer in France:




As you can see, it’s actually rather simplistic, art-wise….I just did a nice silhouette profile of her, with an “A Rang” type cut-out to make it more interesting to the thrower.  The cut-out actually helps the boomerang reduce drag that would normally been caused, had I left the triangular piece in the elbow.  This reduces the boomerang’s tendency to hover, and keeps the flight very low.  I’m sure my French customer will be thrilled at how low this Werewolf hunting chic can fly!

Now, of course, not every idea I get comes from a movie.  Sometimes, an idea can just seem to rise up out of nowhere!  This next boomerang idea, believe it or not, occurred to me during a church service at First Presbyterian Church in Ann Arbor.  My family and I  were there, just like any other normal Sunday, and I was sitting in the pew, kind of daydreaming during the sermon.  Thinking of how the last boomerang dealt with the realm of Darkness, I flipped my thinking to envision what the heavenly counterpart boomerang might look like.  I then arrived at the simplistic subject of doing an Angel.  Of course, I can’t just do any o’ simple angel, it would require something extra….Like two daggers!  This is what resulted from that daydream, and I’m calling this one, “My Guardian Angel:”Image


Of course, this boomerang, as well as many other Art boomerangs, can be found for sale on my website at the following link:  

Pictured in this post, are just Art rangs I produced to round out 2013….Who knows what 2014 may bring?








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Tis the Season, the Christmas Season!  That almost always directly coincides with a high number of people purchasing boomerangs for that :”unique gift idea” to place under their Christmas trees.  As far as there being a specific “boomerang season,” however, there’s really no such thing…IT IS ALWAYS BOOMERANG SEASON!….people make and throw boomerangs everyday of the year, every year, everywhere around the world.  I’ve NEVER been halted from production just because of little cold weather, regardless of how cold or nasty it may get…Then again, I’m not some kind of wimpy, whining sissy-man either…..Anybody that says it’s “too cold” to make boomerangs just doesn’t want to make them very much.  Either that, or they may want to consider checking their testosterone level……Here are some pics of what I made just last week, all done is sub-freezing temperatures:


As crazy as it may sound, lately, I’ve been furiously trying to crank out at least one very nice, high-level artwork Art boomerang per day, on the average.  Even though that seems to be an unlikely goal to maintain, I’ve pretty much been able to achieve it, at least for the past two weeks or so.  Those that follow this blog closely have undoubtably noticed that my efforts have been rather feministiic in nature too.  Not that I’m trying to get all political with my art or anything, it’s simply that I’m a dude, and for me, women are the most appealing thing artistically I can possibly put on my boomerangs.  The fact that I’m making all of these females “fierce, warrior types,” just goes to show where my mind is….that is to say, where it is, at the moment.  In another 6 months, everything I make may involve tigers or dragons, or Snoopy, who knows what?  Like anyone else, I have a wide range of ideas that rocket through my head, and these boomerangs are simply a snap shot of the thoughts I’m having RIGHT NOW……Stay tuned, as my mind changes often, just like the Michigan Weather!  Below, are what I’ve created in just the last week or so….Enjoy!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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This past couple weeks have been very productive for me, mainly in the area of Art boomerang making.  I’ve had time and materIals on hand, plus, the most important ingredient for success when producing Artwork:  IMAGINATION.  I’ve recently strayed away from selling too many things on Ebay.  You see,  Ebay has this nasty little habit of taking 11% of both the selling price AND the shipping, and it’s really hard to bare that, when they actually do next to nothing to earn it.  Basically, Ebay sales occur ONLY due to its massive traffic, and that is ALL……I simply resent that 11% hit because I think it’s a bit on the high side.  You definitely won’t be seeing too many (if any) of my Art boomerangs for sale there….Ever.  The Art boomerangs in particular represent a considerable amount of work, and  to share the profits with a price-gouging third party is out of the question.

My routine for the last few weeks has been simple:  Do a few boomerangs for the production pages of my catalog each day, (found at BOOMERANGLOVER.COM), and, ,simultaneously, TRY to produce one decent Art boomerang per day.  I’m doing pretty good and performing both tasks now……  The new Art stuff is pictured below.

It’s late October, and things are a bit colder here in Ann Arbor now, mostly every day begins below freezing.  My production work is going to slow way down, but the Art production oughta pick up even more….Lots of time to do detailed work in my nice warm, cozy house, versus freezing my butt off at 20 degrees F in that shop!


My Art boomerangs almost always occur in clusters of 3 or more at a time.  It’s a function of available time to do them, plus being struck with an inspiration that won’t take no for an answer.  When both of those things happen, and if the planets align just right, the following pics show what can happen…..You can not stop the time…..Or the Art!

















Variety is the Spice of Life!

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It’s EXTREMELY HARD (i.e., BOOOORING!) To carve the exact same boomerang, Day after day…..So I DON’T!  Here are pics of what I made, ALL IN THE PAST WEEK……Most can be found on Ebay, though some have sold already.


For November 1st’s “ ‘s Free Boomerang Giveaway, One lucky Winner will receive, at NO COST, this Beautiful, 70 Meter Range Right Handed Phenolic beast: “The Sky Doctor” Competition Boomerang!




How can YOU qualify for the Free Drawing?  Well, here are the rules again:


Simply LIKE, SHARE, and WIN!





      1. The closing date on each month’s giveaway will be the last calendar date of the month. The monthly Winner will be announced on the day the Free boomerang is shipped.
      2. There is NO LIMIT TO HOW MANY TIMES YOU CAN WIN, However, in order to be eligible to win each month, you must share a minimum of ONE Gloverrang’s Facebook Page boomerang photos with the Facebook public during that particular month.
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      4. Each winner will be selected by random from the pool of qualifying participants. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s painless…..
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CONGRATULATIONS TO Olivier Dousset of France!!!

He is the October 2013 Winner of our “Monthly’s SHARE & WIN” SWEEPSTAKES!

This is a pic of the Exact Phenolic replica of Volker Behren’s “Straight Shooter” Boomerang he’ll be receiving!

How did Oliv do it? Like 28 other Contest Entries, he shared a link to This FB page, and then was picked by random….That’s it! The Contest now starts over for the November 1st giveaway….To enter, just share a link, and you too might be receiving an



Simply LIKE, SHARE, and WIN!








      1. The closing date on each month’s giveaway will be the last calendar date of the month. The monthly Winner will be announced on the day the Free boomerang is shipped.

      2. There is NO LIMIT TO HOW MANY TIMES YOU CAN WIN, However, in order to be eligible to win each month, you must share a minimum of ONE Gloverrang’s Facebook Page boomerang photos with the Facebook public during that particular month.

      3. If you share a photo each month, you have to potential to win a Free Boomerang EACH MONTH!

      4. Each winner will be selected by random from the pool of qualifying participants. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s painless…..

      5. There is a guaranteed winner each and every month! Wow, how cool is that?!

Sooooo…..Just how many times can I find a way to place Snoopy on a boomerang?   I’m not at all certain, but I do doubt very much I done doing it!  The following are JUST pics I could find…there are actually LOTS, LOTS more from over the years.  I’m currently steering away from using Peanuts characters so much, but I STILL and ALWAYS will LOVE them!  The simplicity of Charles Schulz’s classic comic strip is both Genius AND Timeless.  Good Grief!  Here it comes again, Charlie Brown!….It’s a Boomerang!


14239_1171594661373_5251148_n 14239_1171594701374_2317836_n 14239_1171594741375_6758020_n 14239_1171594781376_2514377_n 14239_1171597461443_62418_n 14239_1171597501444_6362200_n 23633_1243372175766_6156242_n 28869_1280542945012_4229161_n 28869_1280543025014_1506260_n

JImagejImageImageImageImageImage535869_4361009834759_1708540437_n 1062014_10200138177048506_724759020_n 537914_4657394564192_396985637_n 487667_4337277001453_561983804_n 483869_4535837285336_1748715712_n 310504_3723575379296_391441120_n 23633_1244335839857_2938193_n 23633_1243372175766_6156242_n 8227_1118831862336_2396601_n 6460_1113878978517_1949215_n 5620_1112264338152_3915137_n 3008_1053610391840_4215261_n

YOU’VE GOTTA HAVE ART!  ALL YOU REALLY NEED IS ART!  I’m proud to announce that, back on July 28th, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, My four Ramones Art Boomerangs, (Count ’em, FOUR!!), Took FIRST PLACE IN DECORATION AT THE UNITED STATES BOOMERANG ASSOCIATION’S NATIONALS!  They also scored a THIRD PLACE in “Crowd Favorites,” which also isn’t too shabby!  My Wife, Luz, and My son, Willie are VERY PROUD of Me!  And Seriously, Them being proud of me is ALL THE REWARD In the World to me!

Now,  a LOT of people had some very nice things to say, far too many comments to repeat here.  In fact, everybody I know thought I’d really accomplished something great.  

NOW,  I can’t EVEN WAIT to enter next year’s nationals!   Pictured below, are my WINNING RAMONES, followed by some recent works I’ve done, just in the time since I’ve returned to Ann Arbor from the East Coast:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

yingyangrang centerhub earthwind fire water

Well, It’s Sunday morning, 6 a. m., September 8th, and the Glovers have now been back home from their Arlington, Virginia vacation for a little over a week.  I’d really rather not go into excruciatingly high detail of all we did, so here’s a very brief breakdown:

1.  We spent 3 weeks in Arlington, Virginia with my Sister-in-Law, Bebot, (she came here from Manila), as she attended classes at the FDIC Learning Center.

2.  On the way to Virginia, we passed through Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and we made two major  stops.  First, we went to the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo, and  secondly, we hit the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.  Both were quite awesome, as supported by the pictorial evidence I’ve attached below.

3.  While staying in Arlington, we visited the Nation’s Capitol on two separate occasions.  The second of those, was on the very day of the celebration of the 50th year of the Million Man March.  We did NOT intend for that!

4.  We of course visited the Arlington National Cemetery and paid our respects to America’s War heroes.

5.  We visited the Pentagon, but again, we did NOT mean to do it…..Did you know, you can actually go to prison for simply taking an unauthorized picture there?  Yeah, we didn’t know that either!

6.  When we left Arlington, (that was on August 30th), we first traveled Northeast, and visited the Baltimore National Aquarium.  It might very well be the largest Aquarium in the country, I don’t know.   It was certainly the largest one we’d ever seen.  Of course, our unbelievable timing again ended us up in a “Traffic Nightmare,” as we entered Baltimore the VERY DAY they were hosting the Grand Prix Formula One Race!  Hard to comprehend how little we know about current events!  Sheesh!

7.  From Baltimore, our very next stop was 4 hours away in Union City, New Jersey.  Bebot had a Filipina friend there, Helen, who would put us up for two nights, and take us via a short bus ride into New York City to tour us around.    Helen was an exceptional host and an incredible cook!  We had nothing but the very best to eat, the sleeping arrangements were very well-thought out and convenient, and she was a very sweet, thoughtful person to meet.  We spent one entire day in NYC, actually for about 5 hours, and spent over $600.  The price gauging in the Big Apple makes me ashamed to be an American citizen…It should be called the “Big Crapple,” Talaga!

8.  After NYC, we drove 612 miles, straight through, all the way back to Ann Arbor.  Our only stops were for rest, food and refueling.


I’m just so happy that we could share it with my Sweetest of all Sister-in-laws, Bebot!  She is like an Angel….I even wondered several times how she managed to conceal her wings so well!

When we got back to Michigan, it was already the Sunday before Labor day, and I had a special boomerang for my nephew, Caleb I NEEDED DESPERATELY to carve.  This required immediate attention, as Bebot would be leaving 4 days later, (noon on Friday), and it had to be dry and ready to travel back with her.  The first two pics are of that  very same boomerang….I called it, “Caleb’s Varoom-a-Rang!”  I’m really proud that I got it done in time!  The 2 pics directly after that, are of one of a lady’s dress shoe I did for my niece, (Caleb’s youngest sister, Blessie-Mae).  Making that shoe boomerang directly lead me to Caleb asking for his of a “Ports Car Boomerang.”  Caleb is still working on his English, and currently leaves the “S” off that word….It’s painfully cute…..PAINFULLY! 🙂

This coming week, I am already into 3 freshly placed, separate orders.  The fist will be going to Germany, the second to Illinois, and the last is headed for the West Coast.  Isn’t it time for you to place your order too?  🙂



ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage   ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

photo 3 (10) 1289980_10200452439504871_1905449046_n 1290038_10200452438944857_1993446913_n 1291532_10200452447345067_161126004_n 1291619_10200452400223889_1458834177_n


1305296_10200452295341267_320908576_n 1290046_10200452158897856_965181074_n 1289943_10200452273540722_1701625251_n 1278526_10200452280420894_1169640283_n 1241895_10200452222499446_1028215137_n 1241561_10200452266460545_1415493346_n 1241448_10200452263460470_462592227_n 1232452_10200452156097786_519571757_n 1174507_10200452220579398_1320064314_n 1167994_10200452214419244_44127907_n 1167983_10200452215459270_2061867415_n 1167730_10200452251460170_16558587_n 1167707_10200452218179338_1720664872_n 1147936_10200452164938007_1725185719_n 1085443_10200452289701126_1421244789_n 992618_10200452282820954_761795690_n 960957_10200452160417894_877727950_n


The Crowd marches to the Lincoln Memorial on the 50th Anniversary of MLK’s Million Man March…And the Glovers are there!

Yesterday, our vacation plan was VERY simple:  Take my sister-in-law, Bebot to Washington D.C. via the Metro (from Arlington, Virginina), and do a bit of sight seeing with her.  Now, quite honestly, I myself had lost any serious interest in current News events a long, long time ago.  Actually, NONE of us had been following the news,….Not locally, nor on a national level.   It’s been so long since we’d heard anything but how bad the housing market was, how awful the economy had become, or that there just aren’t any jobs, we just gave up on hearing about it anymore…..Way too depressing, day in, and day out.   We therefore HAD NO IDEA WHATSOEVER we were heading straight into a crowd of THOUSANDS that would be marching on the Nation’s Capitol!  It didn’t quite sink in, until we ourselves were engulfed into the crowd, and had BECOME members in that very same march!

After getting off the Metro, we noticed immediately, that there were a LOT of people in D.C. for a Saturday.  Right off the train,  20+ vendors VERY AGGRESSIVELY tried selling us various MLK t-shirts, and various other souvenirs.  All I could think was, “Wow!  Something BIG is happening today!  It sure is crowded!”

It wasn’t long before we “figured it out.”  It was quite easy to see, all of these people were in some kind of friendly protest, and the number of participants was off the chain!  After carefully listening to the words of  just a few of the protesters on their blow horns, shouting their demands for equality and jobs, EVERYTHING BECAME QUITE CLEAR:  This was a protest to celebrate Martin Luther King’s historic march some 50 years ago!.…Would this disrupt are sight seeing?  DISRUPT, NO WAY!  SPICE IT UP TO THE MAX?  HELL YEAH!!! It simply added to OUR PRIDE AS AMERICANS to become a part of it!

I asked Willie, Bebot and Luz, “So…Are you ready to make history?” We ALL were, NO DOUBT!!!

Thousands upon thousands of peacemaking people were baking in the heat on the Washington D. C. Mall. Several people took the stage at the Lincoln Memorial. These included, but were not limited to: Rev. Al Sharpton, NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous, Martin Luther King III and Sybrina Fulton, (the mother to Trayvon Martin). Speakers discussed to a crowd of thousands about the need for changes in America to make sure everyone gets their fair share….And the crowd roared with approval many, many times!

When Martin Luther King III spoke, he quoted his famous father several times, and every word was heartfelt and inspiring. It inspired myself, my family, and the masses.  On numerous occasions, I found it necessary to wipe tears from my eye, while suppressing a rising lump in my throat.

The warm weather did not deter even one of the thousands of dedicated attendees from coming out and letting their voices be heard too. After a prayer led by Bernice King, the crowd gathered to march through the Nation’s Capitol. They were singing songs, yelling chants and praising both fallen heroes and those still fighting the good fight. Signs ranged from advocacy for voting law changes to eliminating the practice of stop-and-frisk. People from all walks of life were well represented. Various organizations, including the NAACP, the National Action Network, and the Urban League had literally thousands of members at the event. Hundreds of students from HBCUs as well as several Black fraternities and sororities were also represented.

As speeches continued at the Lincoln Memorial, several organizations took to Independence Avenue, shouting their demands, ones that would allow for true independence.

Hundreds of fraternity brothers from Phi Beta Sigma led the crowd towards the Lincoln Memorial. Their signs said EXACTLY what they were marching for: JOBS, JUSTICE PEACE AND FREEDOM!

After about 3 hours, the crowd pretty much completely disbursed, and the bulk of the masses headed for the various public transit stations, leaving the Capitol.  During our walk to the Lincoln Memorial, something terrible happened to Willie, Bebot, Luz and I.  With Bebot and Luz a mere 15 feet in front of us, Willie asked me to get out his drink from my backpack.  In the 3 seconds it took to look down, unzip the backpack, and take out his water bottle, Willie and I were completely separated and LOST from my wife and Sister-in-law!  I immediately asked Willie to help me look for them, but it was instantaneously futile;  they had been SWALLOWED by the crowd, and now, everything, every face, and every marching body was just a blur!  We were fearful that they were both without a cell phone,  and perhaps, even without money.  Luckily, neither was true.  Whereas Willie and I had no cell phone to ourselves, we both had our Ipod Touches, and if we could just find a free WiFi source, we KNEW we could reconnect with them.  At the Capitol’s Mall, ONLY the main information Desk, (located in  the Smithsonian Castle), had free WiFi, and we didn’t even know that, at least, not until we started looking for it…It almost took 2 hours of walking aimlessly…..through both the crowd and several DC Mall buildings…..before Willie and I happened upon the Castle.  Just as we were about to enter the Castle and send Tita Bebot our “Emergency Message,” we MAGICALLY spotted my wife!  It was like a magical Gift from Heaven and God Himself!  I swear, it may have been a hallucination, but I’m POSITIVE the sky above opened up wide, and a bright, angelic burst of light shot down from Heaven upon her!  The ONLY OTHER TIME I was ever happier to see my wife was when she came into the United States for the very first time!  Talaga!

After taking time out to rejoice with my wife and Bebot, Willie and I went to the “Crime and Punishment”  Museum.  A really nice guy, who was DEAD RINGER for Tupac Shakur, (I’m POSITIVE that’s exactly how he got the job!), gave us a 50% coupon for admission, and we went in for a total of $23 for the both of us.  Compared to the Smithsonian Museums, (which were all 100% free), this one, despite the price, was a hundred times more fun.  It had tons of interactive games and exhibits.  It was very much more “hands on” friendly, and we simply enjoyed it way, way more.  The C & P museum was made up of 3 floors, starting off with a historical walk through the world’s most notorious criminals, followed closely by the most famous detectives and crime solvers, and lastly with a vivid look at what Modern Day law enforcement is doing to capture the ones “still at large.”  Willie and I got to defuse a bomb, crack open a safe, rescue hostages from heavily armed kidnappers, and perform an autopsy!   It was a super-cool experience, every bit of it!  It was by far the most fun of all the things we’ve done on our vacation to date.  And, just so you know, I DID NOT shoot any of the hostages when I wasted the two kidnappers in the Shoot Out Simulator!

The last thing we managed to squeeze into this second romp around D.C., was for Willie and I to take some pictures of the outdoor Art Museum area.  I don’t mean to be negative, but a lot of the exhibits are NOT pictured here, simply because it was NOT my idea of “Artwork.”  Somehow, a big, fat slab of metal cut into a rectangle and posted upright just isn’t art to me.  If that’s art to you, well, to each his own, I always say……

Another great pic in front of the Washington Monument!

Another great pic in front of the Washington Monument!

Just needed a pic in front of our favorite Metro Train station, in Roslyn.....

Just needed a pic in front of our favorite Metro Train station, in Rosslyn…..


Doing my best Tu Pac pose!

Doing my best TuPac pose!

Willie and a early Harley Cop Motorcycle

Willie and a early Harley Cop Motorcycle

Willie is ready with his Riot Gear!

Willie is ready with his Riot Gear!


Mo’ Weapons! Mo’ Problems!

NOT my favorite kind of accommodations! If you haven't been to jail...Don't Go!

NOT my favorite kind of accommodations! If you haven’t been to jail…Don’t Go!

"I'm going to allow it, Counselor....But watch yourself McCoy!"

“I’m going to allow it, Counselor….But watch yourself McCoy!”


“….And a man named Al Capone, tried to make that town his own!”




With all his internet gaming experience, Willie could name every single weapon at the Crime and Punishment Museum!


Willie poses with Bonnie and Clyde’s bullet holed “They didn’t” Getaway car!


Willie’s a Crack-Shot Marksman Too!


Pirates RRRRR of course Criminals too!


Some more “Old School” weapons


You don’t really need to put the entire Criminal in a cage…Just his face will do!


Willie says, “Hang in there, Buddy!”


Well, after his Prison Break, Willie’s recapture leads to stricter measures!


The Outdoor Art Exhibit has a beautiful fountain at the front, to put everyone in a very “Artsy mood!”


When I first saw this, I thought it was a demon….Turns out, it’s just a Silly Rabbit! And yes, Trix ARE for kids!


This house takes on a completely different look, depending on which side of it you look at….made both of us dizzy.


The last, and perhaps the coolest thing in the Outdoor Art Exhibit: The Metallic Tree!

Like a very large percentage of the World’ Population, I am quite active on Facebook. Almost every major boomerang thrower or maker in the world already knows me on there.   Oh sure, there is still a small handful of extremist MORONS that believe Facebook is some kind of “diabolical, Evil CIA plot,” in order to mine our personal information, but honestly, those same paranoid idiots, (mostly made up of high school drop-outs and 40-ish year old guys still living in their mother’s basements), also believe Rosie O’Donnel’s theory that we blew up our own buildings on 9/11.  Anyway, this blog entry is NOT about that acute bit of absurdity, but rather, something much more in the vein of one of the FUN aspects on Facebook.

My longtime friend from Michigan State, Cheryl V., is also connected to me on Facebook.  Just recently, I’d noticed that Cheryl had been posting these really super-cool and entertaining comic strips, all featuring a character that was a true “dead ringer” for her, even named Cheryl too.  I soon realized, this WAS really representing MY FRIEND, CHERYL, not just a coincidental look-alike comic character.  Did Cheryl have some kind of neat, artistic cartooning friend, producing these cartoons for her?

Well, obviously…NOT!  The explanation is far, far simpler than that.  Once again, this was another silly, yet very adorable App on Facebook!  This one is called, Bitstrips, and is free for anyone to use.  

After my good buddy, Cheryl pointed me in the right direction, (mainly telling me I need to go to the App, and make my own avatar, etc), I was off to my “New Adventure” making my very own, personalized comic strips!  It’s sooooo easy, and soooo fun!  

I doubt I ever get bored with this one!  Below, are a few of my earliest entries….As you’ll see, my Avatar’s hair was a bit too grey at first, but since fine adjustments are just a few clicks away, I fixed that almost immediately.  I hope you enjoy these!  They’ll be PLENTY TO COME!


Bill Cools Off Cheryl on a Hot, Summer Day!


Cheryl Makes Her Revenge Look Like an Accident…..


Bill LOVES riding the Metro From Arlington to D.C., but it does NOT love him!


Bill demonstrates to Willie that Mr. Long was right to say, “It might shuffle, but it might not blend!”


Bill’s favorite Drink is “Dr. Willie!”


Willie uses his Karate training to save his Papa from choking!


Bill and Willie are “Straight OUTTA A2!”


Bill Glover makes the cover of TIME MAGAZINE, after snagging FIRST PLACE IN DECORATION at the 2013 USBA Nationals!


Yesterday’s Vacation plan was to spend the entirety of the daylight hours in a GIGANTIC Hole in The Ground!  And at The World Famous Luray Caverns, that’s exactly what we did!  A Super-Big ‘Thank You’ goes out to our church family friend, Ruth Abesamis for suggesting we visit this naturally occurring wonder of the world…We all had an incredible time!  Heck, Willie even caught filmed footage of a family of Big Foot creatures living in the cave……NOT!!!

Here’s some background information, should anyone reading this blog also want to visit The Luray Caverns, which are located just 2 hours outside Washington, D.C……..

The separation of the Americas from the continents of Europe and Africa, or the continental drift, occurred about 600 million years ago. A broad shallow depression from Alabama to Newfoundland was formed. Then, for 400 million years, an ancient sea flooded the area that is now the Appalachian Mountains. Layers of water-borne sediments accumulated on the ocean floor, followed by limestone sediments composed of fossilized marine animals and shells. The weight of the sediments eventually compressed the two layers into metamorphic rock.

As a result of the eons-old shifting of the earth’s tectonic, or crystal, plates, North America and Africa collided. This elevated and fractured the sea floor, causing the older underlying layer of metamorphic rock to tilt upward and slide over the younger layer, creating a towering mountain range, the Appalachians.

Most caves result from a simple formula. It consists of a layer of limestone, a mildly acidic mixture of water and carbon dioxide and time – precisely, millions of years. The formation of Luray Caverns began after the limestone of the Shenandoah Valley was formed as a result of the inland sea. The enclosing rocks consist of granular crystalline dolomite belonging to the lower part of the Beekmantown dolomite of Early Ordovician age. The entire cavern is confined to a zone only about 100 feet thick and occurred in coarse-grained crystalline dolomite.

The caverns contain no deposits that indicate the former presence of large flowing streams, and most of the cave deposits have been transported and deposited by very small discharges of water. Rain water picks up diluted carbonic acid when it seeps through decaying vegetation in the soil above the rock. The hollowing-out of a limestone cave begins as this acidified water percolated through the fissured limestone dissolving and eroding layers along the way. Water eventually fills all openings enlarging the existing crevices. Run-off soon descends into lower levels of the earth leaving huge limestone chambers.

As the large volumes of water subside and only slow seepage continues, nature’s decorating process begins. Upon entering the unique cave atmosphere, the solution of calcium carbonate gives up some of its carbon dioxide and allows a precipitation of lime to form. This precipitation begins as a thin deposit ring of crystallized calcite. As this process is continued, stalactites form from the ceiling. As the drops fall to the floor, deposits build forming stalagmites. When a stalactite growing down from the ceiling meets a stalagmite growing from the floor, a column or pillar is formed.

Luray Caverns is an active cave where new deposits accumulate at the rate of one cubic inch in 120 years.

Stalactites are formed often in a fluted and uniformed fashion from the ceiling down. Stalagmites build with distinct mounds and ridges on their way toward the ceiling.

Dripstone, in addition to covering the ceilings and floors, is also abundant on cavern walls. An often more massive decoration is formed when the mineral bearing water spreads over the limestone walls or builds its deposits from a protruding ledge. These crystalline deposits, or flowstone, form draperies and frozen waterfalls, veils and tents. Titania’s Veil is and example of this type of cave decoration.

Cold air rushing out of a limestone sinkhole atop a big hill west of Luray, Virginia, blew out a candle held by Andrew Campbell, the town tinsmith, on the morning of August 13, 1878. So began the discovery of Luray Caverns. Campbell, three other men, and his 13-year-old nephew, Quint, were exploring the area, looking for a cave. With the help of local photographer Benton Stebbins, the men dug away loose rocks for four hours before, candle in hand, Campbell and Quint slid down a rope into the cave. They could scarcely believe what they saw. The party had discovered the largest series of caverns in the East, an eerie world of stalactites and stalagmites seen by the light of a candle.

At the time of the discovery, Sam Buracker of Luray owned the land on which the cavern entrance was found. Because of uncollected debts, a court-ordered auction of all his land was held on September 14, 1878. Andrew Campbell, William Campbell, and Benton Stebbins purchased the cave tract, keeping their discovery secret until after the sale. 

Word reached the Page-Courier, and that week there was a note, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, about the sudden rise in the property values of “Cave Hill”. Editor Andrew Broaddus’ account in the October third issue in the Page-Courier was a glowing acclamation with the headline full of typographical mistakes:

The article gave a lavish description of the cave, ending with the statement that the “proprietors are now at work with a good force preparing for an early illumination.”

Alexander J. Brand, Jr., a correspondent for the New York Herald, was the first travel writer to visit Luray Caverns. “It’s a magnificent cave,” he told townspeople. “The most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Trying to compare your cave to others would be like comparing New York City to the Town of Luray.” With those words, the publics interest in visiting the caverns began.


Professor Jerome J. Collins, one of the leading journalist on the New York Herald’s staff, postponed his departure on a North Pole expedition to visit the caverns.. He was preparing himself as scientific correspondent on a projected three-year journey to the North Pole. He was taking a course a the Smithsonian Institution on the use of photographic equipment to be used on the voyage. He took the train to Virginia to make a scientific report on the cave before the sailing of the expedition ship “Jeannette” from San Francisco.


The Smithsonian Institution sent a delegation of nine scientists to examine the caverns and praised them for their ornamentation. The report of July 13 and 14, 1880 comments “… it is safe to say that there is probably no other cave in the world more completely and profusely decorated with stalactite and stalagmite ornamentation than that of Luray.”


Beginning in 2000, visitors have unraveled the mystery of the maze inside the ornamental garden at Luray Caverns. Rooted in myth, mazes have existed for centuries in countless forms, across many cultures around the world. They have been designed for entertainment, recreation, art, magic and meditation. At Luray Caverns, over 1,500 Dark American Arborvitae, eight feet tall and four feet wide, create a half-mile pathway enhanced with a misting fog. The twisting pathways lead past fountains and into a cave. At 40 points, the challenger must choose a direction to solve the riddle and emerge from the maze. An elevated platform provides relief for those hopelessly lost.

Before the 1900’s, the novelty of holding wedding in the caverns began to be commonplace. Ceremonies in this unique subterranean environment generated widespread publicity in the decades of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Even though weddings have occurred in various chambers within the caverns, most since 1957 have occurred in the Cathedral accompanied by music from the Great Stalacpipe Organ. To date, over 450 weddings have been performed in Luray Caverns.

For more than 130 years, Luray Caverns has been renowned as one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders. A subterranean wonderland of magic and majesty, still as marvelously beautiful as described in the newspaper headlines over a century ago.


Today, Luray Caverns attracts one-half million visitors annually from around the globe. In 2008, this venerable attraction hosted guests from throughout North America including all 50 U.S. states and 52 foreign nations.


Russell Gurnee, noted author and former president of the Explorers Club, summarized in his book Discovery of Luray Caverns, Virginia,“Luray Caverns remains a tribute to the courage and vision of explorers who will persevere to seek out secrets of our world. In an imperfect human world it is reassuring that the discovery of these men of vision has been preserved for the enjoyment of this and succeeding generations.”



Luray Caverns is truly America’s underground classroom as the U.S. Natural Landmark is visited by more student tours each year than any other cave in the world. Thank yous come in many forms upon their return home.